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Hey there,

Been a crazy lexus fan since I was 14. Started working at 15, saved up €12000 by the time I was 19, got myself an IS 200 from 2000. Four years, never ever needed a fix. Just LOVE lexus. Now I am 23, working, and get to choose my lease car... C'mon CT200h...!

So that's me! How about you guys? Nice to meet you!

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Hey there,

Welcome to our community!! Glad to meet you.
Hey LexusLove, I assume you are from Europe? Post some pics of your car!
Welcome! Where in Europe are you from, LexusLove?
I am from the Netherlands. Will post the pics of my car in about 5 minutes :D Cheers

For now, got this pic from the back side, don't want to start the car just to take it out and take a picture, not so good for my engine :D Will post a few more pics, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow. This is my car.

Thanks for the warm welcome!
Welcome to our community dude... glad you're with us.
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