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I panicked last weekend while pampering my CT and enjoying the car's sound system in my garage. Radio was still on the whole time and after a couple hours the entire dash lights were blinking and making this clicking sound! :eek:

I tried to start the car but only to notice the lights dimmed (while still blinking). No go. I feared the worst that I drained the battery as I have drained past car batteries before under similar (but longer) circumstances. As I reached for the manual to see if there's any special procedure on boosting the CT, I decided to go in the house, get my other Smart Access Key for the car, and try that one - see what happens.

Sigh of relief, I sat in the car and it started. I drove around the block for ten minutes thinking I may need to recharge the possibly drained battery, then parked the car back in the garage. The issue never happened again (so far) with either of the Smart Keys.

I've had an '08 IS never with this issue, but then again I don't recall running power accessories for a long time.

Anyone experience this crazy dash flickering? Is it possible the first Smart Key lost its secure "wireless" connection to the car for whatever reason?
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