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Engine staying at high RPM

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Hey all,
I have a 2013 Lexus CT 200h and I've noticed that at times, mostly when driving in sports mode, that the engine will stay at a high RPM even when not accelerating then it will very slowly come down to about 1000 RPM:confused:. I live in Vegas, where we usually have daily temperatures about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I don't know if the heat has something to do with it or what. I do have the Lexus CT Injen CAI installed if that would affect anything? Im curious if anyone else has the same observations.
Thank you
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I'm not a tuner nor a professional mechanic and fairly new to owning a CT200H. Was it doing this before you installed the CAI? If you're unsure and no one has an answer. If you haven't gotten the issue resolve yet. What you can do is put the stock intake back on.
Yeah it was doing it before I installed the CAI. Actually what I've noticed is as its getting colder in the Las Vegas Valley, it hasn't even done it once. This is making me think that it may have something to do with the excessive heat in the summer time that we have in the valley. Ill have to see as it warms up this spring if it starts to do it again.
Have you kept an eye on your battery charge level when this was happening? It may be your engine charging the battery, especially if you're running the A/C and the battery cooling system is working overtime.
No I recognize when its charging the battery, which is normally at stoplights and it stays at about 1,500 RPM when it is. Typically i drive with my windows open and the A/C on very low during the summer, except when its bolstering hot, so that could be another factor. Ill have to see when summer comes around. Currently Im waiting to get my car back from the body shop. I think it may be just the extreme Hots and Colds of where I live?
I can't imagine that it is. Virtually all manufacturers test their cars in the extremest temp ranges, more than what virtually anyone would be in.
Once i get my car back from the shop im gonna test maybe keeping the A/C up and driving a bit harder just to test the theory.
Well I got my car back a couple months ago and what I've noticed is as the temperature tends to go above 80 degrees fahrenheit here in Vegas the engine takes longer to idle down. I also notice it tends to do this when the battery is quite low as well. I have been driving without the A/C on and it still stays at high rpms occasionally.
I have noticed mine doing it on warmer days too. It did it one day last week when the temp was around 80. I was a little concerned at first but then I realized the battery was sorta low so I just assumed it was charging.
I've only had my CT for a couple months and I can relate to this concern. It doesn't seem normal to me, I may take it to the dealer.
Has your CT done this in stop and go traffic? Mine has acted up occasionally, both last fall when temps were about 20F and also now in the summer when it's in the 90s. What is concerning is the display shows full bars at 30 Amps while the engine revs. That's a lot of current.

What has your dealer said?

I'm about to bring mine in this week but intermittent problems are always hard to diagnose or solve.
I'm assuming its a normal thing. My friend is on his second prius that uses the same powertrain and he says both his have done it from time to time.
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