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@IN VTEC what a great summary. Thank you very much.
So, in your post-mortem, given that you replaced a significant portion of the aged cooling system, what would you say was the primary concern? My reading/review suggests 1) radiator 2) several little items adding up - thermostat, water pump, coolant flush.
Again, kudos for the thoroughness of review and analysis. It's a challenge to debunk the myths that can overwhelm rational and analytical data and next steps. My favorite was seeing a 194* thermostat in action at ~194*. I use my Scangage II to keep an eye on ICE coolant temp, TBT temp, Inverter coolant temp and for fun, intake temp. (Seeing your handle, I've/we've been Honda adherents for a long time, adding in some Toyota/Lexus over time. I probably blew a head gasket on my Civic Si back in the day. More recently, belts popped on my LX450, Scangage showed a final temp over 250*, no issue once the belts and tensioner were replaced. My new-to-me CT is over 180,000 miles on the odo, engine temps peak at 198* on the highway. When in the city, it can get up there, but then comes back down with the traction motor doing the motivating. As I baseline my ride, next steps include a thermostat, water pump and coolant replacement. Cheap insurance!)
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