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Engine Oil Leak Passenger Side. TCT. Timing Chain Tensioner?

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I am looking to purchase a used ct200h with about 40k to 65k miles. Upon inspecting a few, I noticed two cars with some oil leaking behind the engine.

I checked out a high mileage ct and I have noticed some heavy oil leakage behind the engine, towards the firewall, on the passenger side.

I checked out another ct with about 48k miles and I noticed a similar leak but barely developing. It is a bit concerning to see the same leak on two different CTs.

I think it is the timing chain tensioner, but I am not 100% sure. Is this a common leak? what could be the cause?
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Interesting this. I guess you're in US?
It's on the drivers side for us in the UK. Just looked at mine and its bone dry (2011 with 63K). It's the first I've heard of this and haven't read anything on the Prius forum either.

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