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Hey Has anyone installed an anti-rust circuit on the CT? I have one on my Corolla 2002 and it has no apparent rust. The sales rep. told me they wouldn't dare install one on the CT because of the high voltage of the batteries and all the electronics in the car..... Is that bull ou what?
I would ask the manufacturer if hybrids are a problem, I don't see why they would be, and I'd bet they've already tried one on a Prius.

At first this idea looked pretty silly to me, but these devices DO work very, very well on navy ships, and I suppose if you're up North in a snowy area where they salt the roads, AND you keep the car more than 10 years, it might actually help.

I sure don't need it here in Sunny California, but I could see this for the canucks! =]
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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