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If you have Nav you get one year free of ENFORM which includes eAssist and eDestinations.

On my PC I programmed in 17 destinations that I wanted to download and program in my Navigation system. I organized them into 5 folders.

Then I went to the car and couldn't figure out where the eDestination place was ( it was late at night and I didn't want to trudge through the manual) so I called eAssist and they helped me out immediately ...eDestinations is under Points of Interfest (POI).

So I downloaded the destinations I had programmed in on my PC. It was all very seemless.

It also doesn't take up space for any of the 100 addresses you can program locally on your GPS.

Hopefully the eDestinations don't go away if I decide not to renew ENFORM, but they probably will.
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It goes away next month, just like Sirius did. I personally don't think they are worth it.
And those still trying it out remember that after the initiation of the conversation you have to hang up or they can still hear you and the conversation in the car until they go off hook!
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