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Just purchased a CPO 2012 CT200 about a month ago. Test drove it multiple times, loved the drive and comfort at the time. Now that honeymoon period is over, and after driving it for the past few weeks, about 20-30 mins on the road I begin to shift, change power seat settings galore - I can't seem to fit comfortably and at ease in the seat. I've realized the side bolsters are too tight, and I can't fully rest my back on the seat. I even have to lean my head back to touch the head rest. When I get out of the car, my back feels weird and I have to stretch it out. I've read on forums for other brands that the bolsters have been a major issue as well, but not so much for the CT200 on this forum. Am I the only one?!

I had the car serviced for a couple weeks, and they gave me a GS 350 to drive. I never had this issue in that car as the bolsters were spread out.

Anyone have suggestions or similar experience? I've read on other car brand forums to take the car to a seat upholsterer and have the bolsters cut down. I got an estimate for around $150-200. I am considering it. I live in South Florida, so if anyone has a recommendation that would be great.

FYI I'm 5'8, 190, pretty thick back due to the gym.

Thanks for any helpful advice!
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