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Down in Australia & should get my CT this week

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Hi Every one this is my first post.

I hope to finally get my CT this week ordered 3 weeks ago F-Sport in Flame Blue
My previous car was the Honda Civic Hybrid which I was very pleased with until Honda changed the firmware / software on the car and the mpg went right up due to it not using the electric motor assist so much, even to the point that sometimes you could pull out of a junction on to a main road and put your foot down and it wouldn't give you any assist thus only relying on the 1.3 engine and the feeling you could cycle faster ! ( apparently Honda changed the amount of power you could use in the firmware to protect the batteries so they don't have to replace them under the 8 year warranty )

Any way enough of the Honda I was really impressed with my CT test drive and decided to to get the F-Sport ! I had previously hired a Toyota Camry Hybrid on a trip away and decided that the Toyota / Lexus Hybrid system was much better that Honda's.

I am currently driving a Lexus IS250 due to my Honda being traded in and then my new CT not being ready !!! The Lexus dealer kindly lent me their IS250 until the CT is ready (nice car but the fuel is a shock even after the not so good Honda)

Any way will let you all know when I get the CT ( is it just me waking up in the night thinking about it my wife thinks I am crazy ! )

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Anyone else on the forum here from Australia ?
Steve, there will be more of us on the forum when we get our cars delivered and we have something to talk about. Glad you are getting yours. My partner is getting a White pearl Luxury with ivory leather trim in August, and I'm waking up every night till then. Let's know more about your machine. I'm sure it will be terrific. Cheers.

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Hi Richard
I have seen a white pearl (prestige though) at the dealer it looked great. That was one of my color choices but as I am sure you know there are not many CT's around to choose from or you have to wait I was originally told September if I wanted something that wasn't already on the way.
Good to hear from someone in Australia I will post some pics when I get it

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