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Does anyone have pictures of their splash guard / underside showing the bolts?

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I'm trying to buy the screws, bolts, and plastic clips for both the large splash guard and the smaller one that goes directly under the front of the bumper lip. (51410 and 52618A)

I'm having a difficult time figuring out which ones I need. I've been under my car and have a general idea of what I want to replace. It's a little hard to reference the OEM diagram to the location of the exact part number for me. Does anyone have a picture (real photo) of their underside of their car they could post here please? I tried looking online and it's just not easy enough to identify the ones I'm looking for.

Thank you!
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Is this the same as “mud flaps”? I’m thinking of adding them I hear it helps keep the back of the car a little cleaner but not sure if I will like the look? BTW did you figure it out?
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