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Disable iphone override when connected via USB?

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Hi, hate that I can't control my music on the iphone when it is connected via usb. The car's interface is massively deficient. Is there a way to override? In my prius I just had to push scan 7 times in a row...
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I use BT - the issue is having the phone plugged in to charge then overrides being able to use the phones interface
plug in to charge via a normal charger vs using the usb to charge.
I would love this to work also. It's very annoying
I agree. I wish you could charge the phone using the USB input and not have it override the phone interface. I do have a cheap iPhone 12v car charger ($5) I use, but it seems like a waste that there is an USB slot and I can't use it.

My wife's car does the same thing too and I really hated it. The ipod interface is fine for music but awful for audiobooks when you want it to continue where you left off.
If u have a jailbroken iPhone, install 'noaccsplash' and you can override!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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