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Also soon there will be no dust just snow but that doesn't make me happy :(
A mistake I made with my Focus was to allow snow to melt on the seats ...

What happened : While working my way around the car to clear the snow enough to make it drivable, loose snow found its way on to the seats. When the snow melted, all the rubbish that was in solution in the snow was deposited on the seat. Result - white-ish rings on the fabric.

I bought Supagard this time around to hopefully keep the leather free of stuff like that. It wasn't just the snow, the Focus had been used as an ambulance for someone who'd torn their hamstring while playing cricket (was my punishment for getting out shortly after them). The melt from the icepack also got onto the seat and left deposits. Not so good.

Lesson - if fluids get loose inside the car, mop them up immediately - otherwise they'll leave stuff behind when they evaporate.

PS Also need to figure out how to remove fingerprints from nav screen.
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