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Depress brake pedal and push power switch to start

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I got a 2017 Lexus CT200h.

I was initially working on adding some LED lights to my car, until it appeared my battery was running low. I initially had the error "Lock malfunction when parking, park in flat place and apply parking brake securely":

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So looked up and it seems like battery was low and people suggested jump starting the car.

I bought this Jump Starter battery pack from Amazon:

And tried jump starting my car:

But now I keep getting this error on my dashboard "Depress brake pedal and push power switch to start". I literally pressed the brake pedal as hard as I could, and continuing kept pushing the power button but nothing is happening.

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My key fob now isn't responding to my car, I cannot lock my doors (had to manually lock the door).
Just before jump starting the car, my key fob was working perfectly fine, it can lock/unlock the car and I was able to turn the power button on.

I tried using my spare key also, doesn't lock/unlock the car. So seems like either battery is like dead? Did I jump start the car wrong? Please advice.
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Glad it worked out!
I was going to suggest jumping it with a car. My battery is also getting weak. Had all the same issues.
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