I make a custom cell phone holder for our little cubby that's in the center console. I didn't see any good options out on the market so my quest to make something stout and robust that wasn't flimsy, started with an idea. This took many revisions and lots of feedback. But I'm really happy with the results.

There are two options available. First is the main cell phone mount which includes a custom printed wedge that fits in the cubby. I use an all-aluminum phone mount that the phone goes into. It's very secure. There is no wobbling/shaking or having the phone accidentally come out. This is all printed on quality Prusament PETG filament in black. (Other colors can done if there is a special request, just ask and I might have the color)

It's fully adjustable in tilt/swivel/spin. There is a locking ring at the bottom so once you have it to your liking you can set it and forget it.
I also include custom cover plates and pull knobs so it's easier to open if you want to use it that way or if you'd like a more flush look.
It's all tweaked and adjusted/assembled by me and uses stainless steel fasteners. This is a very stout mount. I wanted to completely avoid any plastic mounts that would break. I am of the mindset that I would rather have quality that lasts than something that is cheap and breaks, then have to buy/replace again.

The price is $70 shipped within the USA via Priority Mail.

The other option (add on).
I had a huge request for people with iPhones that wanted to use their Mag Safe charger. I made a "cradle" that you snap your Mag Safe charger into which then goes into the phone mount. I designed it like this so if multiple people are driving the car or if you simply have a work phone/personal phone that are different you are not locked down to having multiple mounts.

The price for the Mag Safe version is $80 shipped within the USA via Priority Mail

Includes everything above with the normal mount (you are just paying the $10 for the Mag Safe cradle adapter). I will note this will fit any iPhone with Mag Safe. I have tested and bought a 12 Pro Max, 13 Pro, and 14 Pro Max OEM case. The phones fit with room to spare. No issues with it colliding with any of the buttons like the OEM weird angle phone charger does.

I've sold many, both here and on FB/Reddit ct200h groups. Just trying to help out the community since we don't really have any good options for stuff like this.

I use it in my car. I can say for sure that if I was not happy with this setup, I would not offer it to others. My OCD is too much 95% of the time (look at any of my posts), so if I am pleased with the product, more than likely everyone else will thoroughly enjoy it.

I have used most of the pictures that people have sent me of their mounts in their cars. (if it's not I will note that it is from my house/setup)

Fellow members picture:
Vehicle Automotive design Machine Metal Personal luxury car

Communication Device Telephony Gadget Portable communications device Audio equipment

Car Vehicle Automotive design Gadget Automotive mirror

Telephony Communication Device Mobile phone Sleeve Gadget

Vehicle Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

My setup/car:
Car Satellite radio Radio Automotive design Gear shift

My house: iPhone 13 Pro case:
Floor Flooring Camera accessory Gas Cameras & optics

My house: iPhone 14 Pro Max Case:
Table Gadget Camera accessory Gas Cameras & optics

My house: iPhone 14 Pro Max case landscape
Automotive lighting Automotive design Floor Motor vehicle Gas

Mounted in member's car:
Vehicle Gear shift Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive lighting

Always open for feedback/improvements. I'd made numerous minor changes so far all for the better.