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Cusco Power Brace

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Picked one up last week. Very solid piece. I figured rather than spending $100 on a megan racing brace, spend the extra hundred and get a Cusco which is going to be superior quality. Is it going to anything crazy? Who knows... it looks trick though. I'll be installing this in the spring when I do the blue f-sport lower springs.

Seems like Cusco has disconntinued the other braces as I was trying to see if a Prius rear/mid brace would work on our cars but unfortuntely Hybridpit said it was a no go, so they actually saved me $200 and a headache! I would highly recommend them honestly. They were extremely fast for shipping and I also ordered eibach front camber bolts as well.

Picture of it. This will eliminate the two triangle stamped pieces under the car. Plus I think it wactually sits closer to the chassis of the car compared to the megan which hangs lower. I didn't want to scrape on anything especially with lowering the car in inch.

sku: 951 492 F _ ct200h
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