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I'll have to double check but I didn't see anything in mine. at all. I was also missing the little felt piece on the rear driver side passenger grab part. So I will be ordering those. I am wondering if the JDM Lexus NX illuminate cup holder inserts would actually fit in there. We have deep cup holders and I installed them on my wife's NX and it made the interior so much nicer with ambient lighting.

My one goal here shortly is to change all the green leds to white. I can't understand what Lexus was thinking using green leds inside. Their white looks so much better. Green just looks so outdated to me. I'm even tempted to to possibly change it to amber like our Mercedes. Amber is a very soothing color to look at during the night time, it's very easy on the eyes.

NX illuminated cup holder inserts:
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts