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CT200H seats are amazing

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I drove a CT200H for the first time this week. My previous cars were a 2004 V70 and a 2005 XC70. I consider Volvo chairs to be top notch but the seats in the CT are just as comfortable.

I will be buying a CT at some point but have decided to hold off on my purchase till the 2012 model year. Personally, I think the devastation in japan is enormous. Those folks have to get their lives back in order. Their mindset may understandably not be there to be producing Lexus first class automobiles.

I also find a great deal of interest right now at dealers with high demand for a great product. I will wait till the activity dies down a bit. I'm also hoping that the 2012 will come with the cup holder in the rear.

I also read that current deliveries will be affected by the closure of the metal hydride battery factory.

All these factors have resulted in my decision to hold off. Right now, those folks need to get their lives back to some degree of normalcy. Hopefully, I'll e driving a 2012 CT by this time next year.
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