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I just saw this review of the CT200h in today's LA Times. I saw the car at the LA Auto Show last fall, but it was roped off, so never actually sat inside it. I have yet to see one on the road, so I'm relying on info from current owners to form my opinion on whether to buy one later this year.

The LA times reviewer is dinging the car for being noisy; at least noisier than other Lexus models. Is this true? What about engine vs road noise? I hope it's at least quieter than my Scion Xb!

Also, they complain about the stereo in the base model looking like something from the 1980s, but also mention that the stereo upgrade is an expensive option. What's everyone's opinion on this?

They did mention the seats being comfortable, which is very important to me. I'm 6' 1" and need a car with good head and leg room -- any input from taller CT200h drivers would be appreciated.

Here's the link to the LA Times article:,0,6561613.story

BTW, the title of the print article was much more derogatory than the online version -- something along the lines of: "if you're looking for a really noisy Hybrid, this is the car for you".

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