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Bought these new ($450) when I had my car, sold it a while back and they are just floating around the garage.

Dealership bent them when the removed them so I'm not looking for much just need them out of here.

first come first serve, looking to off them quickly, otherwise I will trash them.

sorry no pics up, I can send some when you message me!

UPDATE: so the forum won't let me post images, it keeping linking me to an empty URL
I have current images with my username in the pic to prove its me. looking them over, they do also have swirls so they could use a good polish, and it looks like the rear driver one was dropped so theres a little damage. but ill send images of all of it.

Also have a picture of the Lexus insignia to show authenticity.

I'll try to update the ad with images as soon as I can get the page to load!

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