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Hi Guys,

I am having issues with confirming the type of CT200h I have.
I tried to find information regarding this by inserting the VIN into the online VIN decoder on,
but didn't produce anything(says the number doesn't exist, but it obviously does as it is my car).

This is the information from the stick on the passenger side door entry panel.
Model: ZWA10R-AHXBBW Engine: 2ZR-FXE Frame: JTHKD5BH3021140916 Plant/Build: Q11 Jan 13

Basically I am trying to find out which model this falls into between these three. 1)F Sport 2)Luxury 3)Sports Luxury

I hope I got the above three models(three versions) right. Mine is 2013 model. I am in Australia. The Lexus comes with dashboard SatNav system with the large display and reverse
camera with turn guidance(laser guidance?). LED lights in and out, including head lights. Head lights adapt are adaptive ones(I think). Has cruise control. Has sun roof with electric controls. The display is controlled by a joystick.

Can you help me with finding out what I have?

Thank you in advance.
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