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Bought a CT200h the first week of March and when I called in the VIN to my insurance carrier (Nationwide), they did not have this model in their system yet. My CT replaced a car costing 2.5x as much, but my annual insurance rate only went down by literally a few dollars. Does anyone have any experience with their carriers charging more than what a $35K car should cost to insure? Is the problem that this model has no history yet? I haven't yet shopped around to see if the issue is with my particular carrier or something else.
As an insurance agent coincidentally with Nationwide....I can tell you comparing insurance rates with others is comparing apples to oranges. There's so many variables involved to calculate your premium it's crazy. Driving records, age, your credit score......down to where you live all play factors.

So even if you compared two 30 year old males with clean driving histories, driving the same vehicle, the premium would still range quite a bit.

How long have you had your existing policy? I'd contact your local agent or the service center and have them rewrite your policy if your policy is older than 5 years. They can also do an On Your Side review to make sure you're getting the discounts you should be. Another thing to try is have them run a recent credit report.

Do you have a renters or home owners policy with someone else? The multi-policy discount is pretty significant.

Hope this helps.
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