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HP is depending on how you measure it. The CT has a high 98hp gas engine and an 80hp electric motor..but in normal mode they supply 500v to the electric motor so it doesn't produce full power...(650v for sport mode... so total system power does go up) also they avg. the output of the 2, with the reduced voltage/current of normal mode and only claim around 135 total system hp.... Where Ford makes a much more opt. claim for the Fusion by simply adding the 2 power sources together to claim 190+...but it is reportedly only .10 sec quicker 0-60 than the Prius. So a stock CT in Sport mode (quite a noticeable difference) should easily take a Focus... if not the upcoming SC CT200h by Fox should take care of that... The CT, while not fast, is responsive and good handling...I compare it to my wife's old college car, an e36 325i BMW... not all that fast, but very fun to drive...
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