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CT200 Storage Capacity--Worried Before Purchase

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Hi all, I've fallen in love with the CT200 and could own one this week only I can't decide if I'm choosing love and impracticality (the CT) where I should be choosing good enough and more functional (a Prius? something else?). After packing up from a weekend away, I'm not sure the CT's small trunk is enough. I have one child, age 2, and would typically be using the car for weekends away.
Any CT owners out there have any insight on the day to day use and storage capacity of their cars? Any CT owners also parents of a small child (with all the bags upon bags small children seem to generate)?
I'm currently the driver of an old Honda Civic (1993).
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I know I'll be talking apples and oranges to you considering you're infatuated presently with the sporty hybrid idea....however, consider the following.Having owned a ct for a few months hindsight is always 20/20 and although It suits my commuting needs now I can see the writing on the wall in the future. If you see your family growing and plan on keeping it for 5-10 years maybe a larger hybrid such as the avalon would suit you better. They're limo like in back and plenty of storage/comfort for about 10,000 more or as the salesman put it.....another 100 bucks a month.Best wishes to your final choice,either way you'll be happy but maybe a bit more cramped in the long run with the ct.

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Sorry guys, the 10000 price difference actually referred to the es hybrid but I only mentioned the avalon hybrid since I was guessing the price would be closer to that of the ct. I personally like the front end of the es better than the avalon but over time it's been growing on me. The interior of the car is the cat's meow and would especially accommodate my two boys, one of which is almost as tall as me at 6'4 and he just turned 15. I wish I had purchased the avalon but I had a hard enough time buying the ct and having to drive it onto construction sites daily and sit in the sun all day. All of our cars have been garaged(and still look new as a result) and a big deterent in buying anything bigger than the ct was that it wouldn't have fit in our 3rd garage along with our electric sauna residing there as well.

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