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CT200 Storage Capacity--Worried Before Purchase

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Hi all, I've fallen in love with the CT200 and could own one this week only I can't decide if I'm choosing love and impracticality (the CT) where I should be choosing good enough and more functional (a Prius? something else?). After packing up from a weekend away, I'm not sure the CT's small trunk is enough. I have one child, age 2, and would typically be using the car for weekends away.
Any CT owners out there have any insight on the day to day use and storage capacity of their cars? Any CT owners also parents of a small child (with all the bags upon bags small children seem to generate)?
I'm currently the driver of an old Honda Civic (1993).
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I have two kids and I'm able to squeeze in a double stroller with the infant and the 2 year old. Most days I drive with the 2 year old in his forward facing car seat. He sits directly behind me, I do need to make ample room when driving (I'm about 5"10 1/2") for his feet. I can always flip down the other seats with him still sitting in the back. We are moving to a new house so the room has been plenty for me, lots of room for long items and large boxes fit (even the large moving boxes from lowes fits). I came from a larger sedan (Acura TL Type-S), and the CT's room is holding up fine for me now because of the long commutes. The ES series is tempting, but I do not like the design as much as the CT. I keep getting compliments from random strangers about the CT everywhere I go.

The Avalon hybrid is amazing and unfortunately puts the CT to shame. I'll probably be trading in my CT for one in the next couple years. I like it more than the ES hybrid.

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BUT, it is 10K more than a CT and does not look as good as the CT.
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