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Well, last week I bought my first ever car... A CPO 2012 CT200h Premium. Unsurprisingly, since I live in Los Angeles, someone dented it with their car door after only 3 days! Do any SoCal owners have any advice on a good place to get the little dent knocked out and what a ballpark figure might be for such a procedure?

Appreciate any help. Excited to be a CT owner and am thankful for all the help and discussions here is this community.

Lastly, I can't speak higher of the buying service at Lexus Santa Monica. While I'm closest to Glendale's dealership the service (and cracking pricing) from Santa Monica was above and beyond any other dealer I visited, from any brand. They--and my height!--are the sole reasons I'm not driving a Mazda3 hatch right now.

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