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CT mentioned in Acura ILX review...

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From the NY Times:

"Add on the Hybrid’s $5,500 Technology Package (which includes every available feature save 17-inch wheels), and buyers are looking at $35,295 for a small hybrid that can’t break 40 miles per gallon. (The government rating is 39 m.p.g. in the city and 38 on the highway. For comparison, the strikingly styled Lexus CT 200h tops the Acura with a 43/40 m.p.g. rating."

Full article here:

Always nice to see the CT favorably compared to other vehicles.
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I'll be the first to admit, I was a Honda fan. Love my 2004 Accord... However Honda/Acura styling has continued to fail to draw me into another of their cars. I saw the ILX and was totally let down by it. Honda designers are stuck in a rut and need a wakeup call IMHO. Even the company CEO said that their styling was lacking as of late. Yet they still roll boring vehicles out. If you really want to see what is going on, go look at the color pallet for the vehicles sold under those badges.

One big problem I see in the US market, all the auto manufactures build and sell sedans for this market. Sorry, but they are all looking allot alike. I wanted cargo capacity, styling, good fuel mileage and got that in my CT. I knew a SUV, crossover and bigger would not provide me with the fuel economy I get out of my CT.
I have lived overseas and driven in many different countries. I learned to appreciate smaller vehicles and styling that went into the Hatchbacks and alike. The CT is for me the best offering out there. I even considered a Kia Soul..
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I totally agree with the bad styling of the Acura and Honda line, but their navigational, electronics, and sound systems are light years ahead of Lexus.
So your saying, " not much to look at, but a great personality".

LOL, Couldn't resist
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