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CT 200h MPG after 7 months & 7644 miles

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I log my avg mpg, the cost/gal the mileage the Cruising Range in a notebook with every fill up.

After 7 months I am getting better at maintaining a high MPG as shown by the contour map of the data.

I am using minitab 16.


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Kudos for being so diligent about tracking. I have had my used 2011 for 8 months. 95% highway driving. 43-44 mpg. Great little package of a car
Don't show us the "average," show us the tank average! Also, what are your deviations?

Also, we need the average speed for these calculations - I can't get above 41-42 with my driving habits.
tell me how you're driving our CT ???
You seem like a master of fuel economy !
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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