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Hi, I currently have a 2011 CT 200h with 238k on the clock. Regularly serviced.

Recently I had issues with losing coolant and it turned out to be some clips which was fine but now I've noticed that the coolant level is still dropping a little (was full 10 days ago and now is just under low)

I also have an issue with the engine shaking a little when accelerating, this is generally when I'm pulling away, under 20mph but only happens after about 15mins of driving

After a quick browse if the forum it could indicate there may be issues with the intake manifold/egr or the head gasket?

Is this what I should get my mechanic to look at? I have no lights currently on the dash coming up but wary about driving the car at the moment

Another unusual thing is that the engine doesn't fire up straight away when I turn it on, it's like it's using the electric system first..

Any help or input is appreciated, not sure if it's worth fixing given the age and mileage
It is definitely your head gasket and don't let your mechanic screw you around. Plus, note that I got a quote from Marin Lexus to fix it starting at $3500 but I found in California and they did it for about $1500 and the car drives like a dream now. Do not get ripped off! Even my independent mechanic quoted me at $3500 to $4,000 after he wrongly fixed a coil for $270, I'm ticked off. 🤷‍♂️
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