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I've had this problem too, but it was because I had it in B mode, and forgot to change it back. B mode charges the battery more, it's not engine braking, it just simulates what that does.

From the manual:

Regenerative braking
In the following situations, kinetic energy is converted to electric energy and decel-eration force can be obtained in conjunction with the recharging of the hybrid bat-tery (traction battery).
The accelerator pedal is released while driving with the shift position in D or B.
The brake pedal is depressed while driving with the shift position in D or B.

When braking (regenerative braking)
The electric motor (traction motor) charges the hybrid battery(traction battery).

No, you're confusing B mode with regenerative braking.

B mode does NOT charge the battery more, it charges it LESS.

There are some great posts about how B mode works on this forum.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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