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I have had my CT2ooH for 9 months, I have had a problem with the cruise control sometimes working and sometimes not working it has been back to dealer on 4 occassions with no fault found, I discovered that if the engine braking lever was used this would cancel the cruise control (as with normal braking) but it would not allow the cruise control to be set again, the only way to reset it is to stop and turn off all power then restart. I have pointed this out to he dealer who have contacted Lexus to find out if it is a safety feature or a fault. Meanwhile as I use the cruise control regular I don't use the engine braking system and it works fine. Hope this helps.
Danny, this Sunday I went and visited a friend that takes me over the mountains and I always use the "B" a lot. Once at the bottom I use the cruise in a few areas and then finally when I get to the interstate I engage the CC again. I never had to stop the vehicle after engaging using B mode.
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