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Maybe, but not because a problem was found and fixed. When I took the CT in on Thursday, 4/21, and spoke with the service manager about the problem, he took it into the service bay and had one of his techs hook the car up to a computer that performed a full systems check. The printout showed no problems or anything outside of normal specs.

With the service manager behind the wheel, we took a 20 minute drive on the freeway in which he engaged the cruise control numerous times, but he couldn't get it to fail. Thinking (and hoping) that whatever caused the problem may have fixed itself, I took the car home.

The following day I used the CT to meet a friend for lunch in a town 20 miles away. I used the CC for a 5 mile stretch, then turned it off using the push button due to heavy traffic (green light went out). When traffic was light again I turned it back on (green light lit up). But when I pushed the stalk down to engage it, the mpg display on the dash remained unchanged and the CC wouldn't engage. This was on Friday, 4/22.

I took the CT back to the dealership on Monday the 25th and spoke again with the service manager. By now we had become friends as a result of conversations regarding his father's occupation matching mine and other topics not related to the CT. After discussing the situation regarding the cruise control and learning that his commute to and from work was in a neighboring city 20 miles away, I suggested that he use my CT as his work transportation for the rest of the week, or until he could get the CC to fail. Since it was my suggestion and he had little experience driving a CT (the dealership has sold less than two dozen), he seemed happy to take me up on my offer.

He called me five days later on the following Friday to say he had engaged the CC several times on each trip to and from work and could not get it to fail. Whatever the gremlin is or was, it appears to be doing what gremlins do.

While the service manager put a few hundred miles on my CT without finding and resolving the problem, the car was full of gas and absolutely spotless when I picked it up. There was another plus: When I turned the car over to him the Shark Fin antenna that had just arrived was sitting in the back seat. After he inquired about it and I told him what it was, he asked if I wanted one of his techs to install it at no charge. My answer was obvious, so my spotless, full of gas CT was also sporting the Shark Fin on the roof when I picked it up.

This was last week. The CC has worked fine the few times I have used it since. But I've got a gut feeling that the gremlin is still there waiting to pounce.
Apologies if I am stating the obvious but you cannot engage cruise control if the car is in brake mode. If you are using cc and engage brake mode it will not work nor can you set or reset it until the car is in drive mode.
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