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Cost Effective Upgrades

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Hey Everyone,

I'm 17 and looking for some upgrades for my 2013, working with somewhat of a budget. Anyone have any recommendations for upgrades that didn't break the bank?

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FYI, don't waste your money on k&n filter, cone filters, throttle boxes, exhaust, solenoids, ...
You'll significantly degrade your mpg for miniscule gains. The only real performance (0-60 and mpg) upgrade is to replace the stock battery packs with lithium batteries.
My ct is completely modded out with exhaust, coilovers, under bracing, strut tower braces, quantum solenoid, 18x9 wheels, etc and it doesn’t decrease my gas mileage. I actually am still getting 45 consistently driving freeway and streets 50/50. I’ve put in $16,000 of mods so far, and it’s not a waste of money if someone enjoys it. After all, the ct sounds like **** without an exhaust when accelerating hard. At least it sounds like a car now. To OP, if you have an questions or anything about this car regarding mods, ask me on Instagram @clean__ct. You can check out the car and I can give you some good beginner mods since I myself got the car 8 months ago at age 19.
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