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Got the CR magazine today. Excerpt:

"BIG DEBUT The Lexus CT 200h is the most reliable new car in our survey" ;)

As far as the data, they need a minimum of 100 survey responses.
Practically every Lexus and/or Toyota in its respective class is at (or near) the top in their category.

As usual, the European brands are among the least reliable with VW (16th), Benz (18th), BMW (19th), and at the bottom Audi (26th), Porsche (27th), Jag (28th last).
That's something that's echoed in the JD Power survey that Top Gear used to run over here and seems to have been adopted by What Car :
JD Power Survey 2011 - The best and worst... - Car and Car-Buying News - What Car?
"Another year, another victory for Lexus"

Helped make my mind up :D

Curious to see what the results of that survey will be next year, those results are from May 2011 so that time next year ... By the way, Prius was 2nd behind the Honda Accord in the Family Car section. Or maybe not next year for the CT, the cars in those results seem to be 07, 57, 08, 59 UK plates with the report saying they were registered between Jan 08 and Dec 09.

Good to see Lexus & Toyota having 4 of the top 6 results in that survey.

PS Nothing's broken on my CT yet, although they did have to replace the passenger side door handle thing.
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