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As far a Consumer Reports go I think it is a dinosaur regarding information. Technology changes so fast they are way behind the curve with their recommendations. By the time they review something the model is probably discontinued. Also I have always wondered how truly unbiased they really are.

Plus they are one of the few web sites that you cannot enter unless you pay. They could make a lot more money by making their web site free and selling advertising space.
I've been subscribing to Consumer Reports off and on since the sixties, mostly on. (The magazine actually goes back to the thirties.) They have always been dinosaurs, at least partly because they devise their own tests, which means that their answers are only as clever as their ability to pose questions.

One reason it takes so long for them to do reviews is that they buy products at retail, from sellers who have no idea that the customer is connected to Consumer Reports. They don't just do a "push all the buttons, play it with it for a couple of days" reviews. They try to simulate conditions over long periods of time, which in itself takes time. So yeah, staying current is hard.

That's why I agree with others who observe that this seems out of character for them. I haven't gotten the latest issue yet, but how long can they have had the car? And how reliable could any size customer sample be when asking about the reliability of a car that most people have had less than six months? (For me, for the first 2000 miles: Thumbs Up! But c'mon....)

Overall though, I completely support their approach, and feel like whatever else their flaws, their objectivity is hard to argue. They don't take anything from anyone: no free gear, no advertising, no help from manufacturers -- nothing at all that isn't exactly what any other paying customer would experience.

Most of what they make is from subscribers, based on the trust that subscribers have in them. Indeed, the magazine is published by Consumers Union, a non-profit organization. If the magazine loses the trust of its subscribers, it has no advertiser money to fall back on. It just goes away.

Sorry for the lengthy digression. They've annoyed me enough that I've stopped subscribing more than once, but they keep saving me often enough that I've always come back.....and if they like the CT 200h, well, that certainly lines up with my own experience. :)
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