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Completely scratched my rim

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Completely scratched my rim today :(:(:( What now? Repair it? or let it go...

I saw a great thread either on here or Club Lexus and some guy used a few types of sandpaper to smooth out the scratches and video was linked on thread... I've tried looking for it but can't find it again.... HELP!

Here is the a picture. :(

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I noticed on the CT's at my dealer that the Michelins have a bit of rubber that protrudes out further than the rim. I guess this doesn't help?
Definitely helped me once or twice. However I noticed a 2" gash in the panel just in front of the right front tire, right at the bottom. Doesn't seem like it could have been a curb, but I have no idea how it happened... :(
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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