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college grad rebate

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Just got my CT today, have been playing with the thing all freakin day. However, I was glad I checked thursday evening prior to picking up the car this morning. As a recently graduated grad student, I was pleased as heck to find out that Lexus has for the CT only a $1000 rebate between now and January 3rd if you have graduated undergrad, or are enrolled in or graduated from grad school. Here's the link:

Lexus Desktop

hadn't heard anything about it on here, from my dealership, and just ran across it purely by chance on

Hope someone else finds this useful! Got me $1000 off today!
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Yup financed through LFS. Apparently there was a lower interest rate tied to being a grad student/graduate as well if you are in their tier 1 credit group. Ended up with 2.8% interest rate along with the $1000 off.
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