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Hey all, I've got a bit of a nuanced issue happening with my CT200h.

Its a 2012 model year, right at 88k miles. Bought it used about 4 months ago, and about 2 months ago it started exhibiting a "hesitation" on cold start.

The ICE starts up and idles just fine, no hesitation, no weird noises, smooth as silk. Both reverse and drive work just fine, and the electric motor also provides the power I expect. The problem is that on a cold start, only the electric motor is actually driving the wheels at first. I can put my foot down well past the point where the ICE would "engage" under normal circumstances and apply power to the wheels, but it does nothing. The "power" gauge moves, but the engine does not rev beyond idle. If I basically floor it, the electric motor does its best but the ICE does nothing for about 3-4 seconds, then all hell breaks loose. It revs to the moon and the car scoots like somebody dropped the clutch in a manual.

It continues to exhibit this behavior for a few minutes after startup from cold but goes away basically entirely in under 5 minutes, after which it behaves exactly as I'd expect.

I've had it looked at by Carmax (where I bought it), and a local Toyota shop, neither of whom could apparently replicate the issue.

I replaced the plugs with NGK BKR7EIX, the ones that came out were very clearly very old, but did not look abnormally discolored. I also drained and replaced the trans fluid with ~3.5 quarts of Toyota ATF-WS. The fluid that came out was, again, clearly old but still had a red sheen to it. No chunks or weird smells.

I'm at a bit of a loss. My dad had an '05 prius that went nearly 300k miles without any issue like this, so I'm a bit worried. If Toyota cannot find anything, my next planned steps are to replace the fuel filter and coils, see if that helps at all.

Also just had a thought that perhaps the e-throttle motor is sticky on the tb butterfly.

Any other thoughts or guidance is welcome!
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