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Hi Forum!

I am new to the site and hoping someone can assist with getting my sanity back. I seem to have a clicking noise coming from my passenger side door which could be the window. The unique scenario is that it will not fire if I go over bumps. It only rears its head when I am coming to a stop or accelerating from a stop. It is usually just one or two click noises, and then goes radio silent. I have had the door panel pulled off and every plastic clip felted. It does not seem to be coming from the door panel, I guess it coming from the actual door. Mind you I am in the driver seat yet it seems to be right at passenger ear level, or near that part of the car. Again its just a couple of clicks..kind of like... then poof its gone. Driving me nuts. I know I am new to the forums, yet is there anyone out there that might have a possible connection or could point me in the right direction.

This is regarding a 2011 edition.

Thanks very much for reading my rant!

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