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Cleaned EGR Valve

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Today I decided to clean my EGR pipe and surrounding valves using a wire brush and some general brake carbon cleaner.

My car has done 86,000 miles with full Lexus history 2012 F sport.

It was fairly easy to do. I followed this YouTube video.

Have you any of you guys done it yet. I’m hoping this will help prevent any head gasket issues.

How often would you recommend cleaning the pipe and surrounding areas?


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It was. It also made my car drive a lot smoother. I hope you have success with it to. Just take your time with unlocking the bolts as they are a bit difficult to get and can fall into the engine so be extra cautious.
Thanks for sharing! This is definitely on my to do list and I've been dragging it for a bit... i'm at almost 80k miles.

A couple questions:
What (if anything) did you notice to push you to cleaning the EGR valve?
What changes did you experience post cleaning (Better MPG? Smoother ride?)
I’m at 87k and it was quite bad.
I noticed it online when I was researching common problems with the car.
Better mpg for certain I get an extra 5 mpg per journey. I have averaged 55 to 65 mpg on my usual 17 mile commute to work.

the drive is a lot smoother to. It’s definitely something I’m glad I did. Best of luck!
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1 - 3 of 12 Posts