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Lexus is a brand desperate to grow its appeal among younger buyers and while the new CT200h hybrid hatchback might be more of a European-targeted vehicle, apart from the IS series, it's easily the most attractive car to the Gen-X and Gen-Y crowd from the Toyota luxury brand here in North America.

To help convey that message and to draw attention to the fact that Lexus does offer something to suit the interests, lifestyle and budget of younger buyers, the Lexus commissioned tuner and design studio Five Axis to build what is being called the Five Axis Project CT. Unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show the car gets a custom widebody with an aggressive rear end complete with a massive diffuser. The 'Dark Passage' paint helps convey the car's 'Darker Side of Green' marketing slogan, while under the hood the factory powerplant remains untouched, delivering 42-mpg average.

Inside there's everything from custom seat inserts to an impressive looking touch-screen interface that looks perfectly suited to the CT and could easily be passed off as factory equipment.

More: Chicago 2011: Five Axis Project CT Shows the More Exciting Side of Hybrids, Lexus on
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