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Check this out. Possibly the "Holy Grail" of 2011-2013(?) Lexus CT200h

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New addition: Genuine Lexus CT200h Shark Fin Soup, um, I meant Antenna. Plus some pictures of my ride. Enjoy your rides.

Land vehicle Car Vehicle Automotive exterior Spoiler

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Alloy wheel

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Lexus Automotive design
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edit. saw in your sig that its an oem. one. looks very good. was it a direct fit? which model lexus was it from?
I actually got it from Japan thru e-bay (had to paid the premium :( ). The CTs over there have the shark fin antennas installed, whereas we only get a stick in the US. It was a direct fit: Get underneath the headliner from the trunk, remove the stock antenna, then install the new antenna. One thing though, the new antenna does not have the Satellite XM parts and the right wiring harness. So what I did is I kept the stock antenna and secure it inside the headliner. I then solder the stock antenna to the new antenna using a wire. I still get the same reception.
Awesome. Only thing I dont like about the exterior of the car is the antenna. Need to get that sharkfin! Did it come pre painted?
Yes, it come with CT's colors. But they don't have the Smoky Granite available probably because it was discontinued. I choose the black instead and you couldn't even tell it was of different color.
Yes, that's it. You can also find it in EBay just search for ZWA10. But keep in mind that it doesn't come with Sat. XM antenna and the wire harnes are different. If you want to go this route and wana keep Sat. XM, be prepared to do some mod like I do above.
Absolutely gorgeous! I would have gone this route if I didn't already encrust mine with several hundred Swarovski Crystals. LOL.
looks good!, its funny how i went from the stubby looking sharkfin to beatsonic, then probably doing this one.

i checked and was able to remove the what to do next? how do I remove the old base antenna? any help would be appreciated. I want to try to remove it first before I buy the sharkfin
lol, too pricy for me...:(
but yours looks really great!!!!I like it!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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