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Check Hybrid System - Engine does not start

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I have check hybrid system error. Car engine does not start either. I was able to pull the diagnostic report using techstream software and got P3000-389 and P0A0D-350 codes.

Any suggestion ?
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i just got rid of a 'check hybrid system' and a no start the other day.

i have a few other problems but here's what i did., that i think fixed the hybrid system issue.

take a flashlight and peek into the vent in the rear passenger seat. if that fan is clogged, then you need to take it out and clean it.

while you're back there, unplug the orange connector from the hybrid battery, and go under the hood, and disconnect the white wire from the fuse box for at least 10 min.

once the fan is clean and reassembled, plug the white wire back in, and then plug then orange plug back into the hybrid battery, and slide it to the right, making sure it's locked into place.

that is what fixed my issue, hope that helps you
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