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Check Hybrid System - Engine does not start

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I have check hybrid system error. Car engine does not start either. I was able to pull the diagnostic report using techstream software and got P3000-389 and P0A0D-350 codes.

Any suggestion ?
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I did part of the method that hesh suggested for my issue. The other day my car would not start and all the warning lights flashed. I checked the 12V battery voltage and it was under 10Volts, so I went to the store and bought an Optima DS46B24R replacement battery. Voltage was only 12.3V and the sticker on the battery suggested it was 3 months old, so I put it on my 2 AMP charger and charged it till the voltage rose to 14.9V. (15V is the maximum without risking damage to the battery). Then I installed the battery, but it would not start and it got all the warning lights lighting up solid and the dreaded, "Check Hybrid System" warning. I should not say all the lights as the Ready light did not light and the engine did not start. I tried my code reader and it found no error codes, and searched the web and this forum and found nothing. ( I did not find Hesh's post till later.) I bought the $13.99 Dr. Prius app and tried to connect to my Vgate iCar OBD reader but it did not connect. I was about to give up and have the car towed to the mechanic, when I found this video on Youtube:
Which shows how to do what hesh suggested. It worked! So, thank you hesh and the video maker, Jax Nvil.
This worked 100% THANK YOU!!!
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