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changing main screen from japanese to english

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Can the main screen changed from japanese to english?car is a japanese import
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Manual states:
To select a display language (English, French or Spanish).
Push and hold the “AUTO” button for 6 to 12 seconds.
The monitor should turn on and the indicator should turn green.
Push the “AUTO” button.
Each time the “AUTO” button is pushed and released, the language will
The warning message should flash 5 seconds after the button is released,
indicating that the change has been completed.
●To permanently disable the monitor.
Push and hold the “AUTO” button for 12 to 15 seconds.
The monitor will turn off and on after 6 seconds. Continue holding the button
down until the display turns back off.
The indicator should flash orange.
The monitor will not automatically turn on again after the “POWER” switch is
turned OFF and ON.
●To manually turn on the monitor when it is turned off.
Push the “AUTO” button. The indicator should turn green.
I dont know what options a japanese car has.
This may only be for the dash. I dont know if it will change the nav screen.
i have the same question for changing main language from Japanese to English but i am a little bit new with this car ct200h L version,
please guide me further to change the language
CT200H Language change

Thank you.. I have read this same instruction. However, there is no "AUTO" button only the POWER button. Or maybe I don't know where that "AUTO" button is located. If you or anyone else does, please let me know. These instructions are no where in the manual. Also, I have followed these same steps using the POWER button and it does not work so my assumption is that maybe there is an"AUTO" button.
Can the main screen changed from japanese to english?car is a japanese import
Yes its easy Settings … phone…
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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