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CD Changer

In the US if you get the CT200h premium with Navigation system Lexus also makes you get the upgraded audio package that includes a back up camera, dimming rear view mirror, 10 speakers and a 6 CD disc changer. I have this combination on my car. I share your opinion on the CD changer. Today it is old school.

A 20 or 40GB hard drive would have been a better idea to move all your digital music files to the car. I don't really like the iPhone/iPod interface because it lists songs alphabetically and does not bring up playlists that you created on the screen. The flip up Navigation screen is big and bright. One thing I don't like is the map screen always defaults back after 10 seconds even if you are viewing the audio information about a song. You can't stay on the XM radio or CD screens. Plus once you connect the iPod via the USB cable the iPod screen goes blank with the notice "Accessory connected" A work around is to connect the cable from the headphone jack to the Aux jack. Then control the iPod from the regular screen to select playlists/artists. Have the radio control set to AUX.

In the US leather adds $2500 (i went with the Nulux standard) for the additional $5000 they add the driver seat memory and smart cruise with accident avoidance. Plus some other stuff like rain sensing wipers and headlight washers. I could not justify that extra cost and I wanted to keep the car at $35,000 for my budget. Pushing it up to $40,000 for me was not worth it. Go for it if you really want those things.

I happen to appreciate the back up camera as the rear window is pretty small. You would miss low objects behind you like a bicycle on the ground otherwise.
CT 200h Premium, Starfire Pearl, Navigation, Premium audio.

So there are some quirks but overall the car is wonderful. Hope you enjoy whatever combination you get.
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