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I'm ordering this stuff from the toyota dealer tomorrow morning. I don't mind cartridges as they are on my wife's NX and my RCF but it gets annoying AF having a specific oil filter wrench for the housing... it's really stupid to me.

I can get the parts from the toyota dealer for about $100 bucks.. so to me that's worth it. I am already going to spend $30 for a specific oil filter wrench that is going to be ONLY used for the CT... I can also run a larger oil filter with the above parts which is good.

Seems like a win to me. I still feel like the oil cartridge should be at the top of the engine. It's WAY easier and ZERO mess when it's like that. Our mercedes is like that and zero drops of oil spill when doing the cartridge... on my wife's NX it's messier.

Parts used:
Oil Filter housing: 15609-0T060 (New Part: 15609-0T070)
Engine oil Seal (2) : 96723-24020
Union for Oil Filter housing: 90904-04006
Bolts (4): 90105-A0452 *Some people reuse the existing ones but they are only $1 so I just replaced them.
Lexus Filter: 90915YZZN1 (Supersession(s): 90915-YZZN1; 90915YZZF2 )

Edit: There is a new part number for the oil assembly.
Engine Oil Filter Housing: 15609-0T070

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For the 2017 CT you can see that there are two options for the oil filter assembly. Cartridge on left, spin on the right. When looking at the part number it only shows compatibility for 2017.
But since our engines are the same this will work no problem. From reading on the Toyota forums the reason why Toyota switched to the spin on filter with some later model cars when they had initially been using cartridge oil filters is because too many people were bringing them back with cracked caps. And a new cap housing on the left is $40. So I guess they deemed that warranty repair or replacement was costing more money than it should...etc. Interesting bit of info.

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