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Carpet on floor/deck

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Have had the car about 4 months and while vacuuming the other day noticed that the carpet just below the rear bench seat where seat attaches is beginning to show premature wear and the carpet fibers appear worn. Anyone else notice early wearing to carpeting of car?
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I have noticed that too. I just thought it was because of the plant fibers used and didn't think much of it.
Matt: Lexus is using a new natural fiber for carpet, but wondering if it will stand the test of time. Looks like fuzzies fraying from a cashmere sweater. I did call Lexus at 1 800 25LEXUS and reported the issue. They said to have my dealer look into it when I go in for service. Only a cosmetic issue, but doesn't look like the carpet will last long.
I also have some premature wear, but mine is around the dead pedal.
Carpet Wear

Anyone else noticing premature wear of the carpeting?
There was a thread about this a while ago but I cannot remeber when.
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