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Do you guys know what one of the most expensive Japanese road cars ever built is? You probably already guessed that today we would like to talk about the Lexus LFA. This stunning super car is in the production already 5 years and finally Japanese based tuning company accepted the challenge and gave a custom touch to this ride. We've seen lots of cars wrapped in satin black before, this color does not work on every vehicle, but on the LFA model it looks really spectacular. Seems Artisan Spirits had decided on this satin wrap on purpose, which color could underline the spirit of this Japanese masterpiece better, than the favorite color of silent ninjas.

The super-car was put on stylish custom wheels with gloss black spokes and silver hardware, which make it even faster. As a reminder, Lexus LFA carries a 4.8-liter V10 engine under its hood and the power produced is 552 hp. Really impressive, huh?

You can read the full article on

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