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13' CT with 17' F Sport Rear
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Hello, everyone.

I'm currently looking for trunk mat. Living in Washington, it definitely requires Cargo Liner before the carpet start to smell.

Wanted go OEM option, at least one that has Lexus letter on it.

Obviously, Lexus being asshole, that they no longer sells any accessories for CT200h at their website or dealer (I called them as well)

So I searched ebay, and was only able to find OEM Cargo Liners with Subwoofer model.

View attachment 60907

So these are easy to find, but the cargo liner WITHOUT subwoofer model is impossible to find!!!! almost feels like Lexus never made it.

View attachment 60908
but looking at the old photos from this forum, I know they exist.

So anyone know how to get these?

Thank you.
They are on eBay do some more digging man. Took me one minute to find… $80 free shipping.
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