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My wife's 2012 CT 200h has a problem, whereby after pressing the start button, and apparently, seemingly booting properly, when I attempt to put the car in either Drive or Reverse, the car goes into neutral, and I get a message "Put car in Park to Start". However, the car was in Park (green button was lit). This loop just repeats itself after multiple attempts.

Yes - this car has sat for weeks (even perhaps a couple of months) without being driven. After researching this issue and reading other posts, I thought it must be related to the 12v battery and had ours tested. It was at 70% charge. Never the less, I went ahead and purchased, from Lexus dealership, a brand-new OEM battery, and replaced the existing one. Same problem, no help.

Things I have already tried per other posts:
  • Open driver door for 10 seconds, close it, and re-attempt. No help: "Put car in Park to Start".
  • Remove one lead from 12v battery for a few seconds, allow the car computer to reboot. No help, same thing.
We even went as far as, while the car was "started", and in neutral, to manually push the car around a little bit to see what would happen (perhaps I thought something to do with the transmission thinks the car is already in gear or whatever). No help. The car makes its usual "noises", like the humming sound, etc.

So, at this point, I am pretty sure the issue is not the 12v battery. Any other ideas?

I have seen several suggestions to buy on Amazon / ebay a "techstream software and cable" in order to provide the error code(s) or "reboot the hybrid system". I'm not a car tech, but I get the basic idea of connecting that hardware to a port on the car somewhere and performing some actions. If anyone is willing recommend a particular techstream software / cable package on Amazon (if that is allowed by forum rules) and give me some step-by-step instructions to follow (or at least provide a link, I'm more than willing to read & learn) I would greatly appreciate it.

If anyone is around in the Ft. Worth, Texas area (Eastside) and wants to make some side money, hit me up.

Thanks everyone in advance, Tim
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